Bitgold Affiliate Program Review

gold1BitGold is a platform in which gold payments and savings can be initiated. BitGold users can create a secure, free vault account with access to purchase and hold gold. Our user-friendly features allow users to send and receive gold payments as well as have access tradition retail spending with our BitGold debit and credit cards. That’s right, you can not only EARN money with BitGold, but they enable you to SPEND it as well.






Getting Started With Bitgold

1. First, create a Customer Account by clicking here (opens a new window)
2. Next, create an Affiliate Account by clicking here (opens a new window)
3. After completing the first two steps, you’re ready to start working with BitGold.
4. Get the link from step 2 to send to friends that want to join BitGold.

To find your referral (customer) link:
A. Log into your Affiliate back office.
B. Click “Offers” then click “Live Offers”,
C. Click “Completed Account” and you’ll find a link that looks like this
” ”
When someone wants to join. Send them that.

5. After they’ve joined with your link, it’s time to introduce them to step 2. Step 2 consists of them joining BitGold as an affiliate. To Find this link go to “Reports” and you’ll find “Referral Report” Click that, and you’ll see a link that looks like “” send them this link so they can become an affiliate.

Three points to consider going forward:

1. We suggest you reinvest at least 15 percent of your monthly Bitgold earnings back into Bitgold. This allows the company to continue to pay us.
2. We are paid monthly, on the first of each month.
3. There are a large number of people joining this program daily. Because of that, new applicants are not immediately granted affiliate status. After you apply, your application gos undeer review and takes apporximately 3-5 business days to get approved,

Once you’ve signed up as an affiliate, you’ll be given access to the exclusive Facebook group so you can mastermind with like-minded BitGold affilates.