Chris Principe settles OneCoin defamation lawsuit

With efforts to secure quick judgment knocked back and there not being much of a company left to fight for, it was pretty obvious Chris Principe’s OneCoin defamation lawsuit wasn’t going to trial.

Following the denial of an entry for default and harassment injunction, Principe’s defamation lawsuit was sent to mediation back in January.

On April 2nd a Mediation Report was filed, stating that ‘the case has been completely settled.

According to the Mediation Report, Principe and defendant Timothy Curry settled the lawsuit in full on March 30th.

On April 6th a joint Notice of Settlement was filed, which stated the parties ‘anticipate finalizing a long-form agreement by April 30, 2018‘.

On April 9th Principe’s case was dismissed, pending “consummation” of the agreed upon settlement.

As at the time of publication, details of the settlement between Principe and Curry have not been made public.

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