Legitimate Non Phone Work At Home Jobs

Here is a list of non phone work at home jobs that you can browse by category. Typically the work does not require you to talk to customers over the telephone. Some included in this list pay by the hour, some pay per task, or assignment you complete.

For these jobs you only need a computer or access to one with high speed internet. Feel free to apply to any jobs that you are interested in. Make sure to check back for new opportunities added to this list!

Non Phone Work At Home Options

Accounting/Bookkeeping – As an accountant, your role involves recording financial transactions. In addition, you will sort, store, summarize and present information in reports. Here you will find a list of companies that recruit accountants or bookkeepers to work from home.

Chat/Email Support – Do you love assisting people online through chat or email? If so, then you can work from home as an online chat support agent. Here you will find a list of companies with chat and email support positions.

Data Entry Jobs – Data entry jobs where you can work remotely from home. Some may require you to type 30 to 50 words per minute and for some jobs, especially transcription jobs the keystrokes per minute may be even higher.

Internet and Web Based Jobs – Web design professionals. These companies listed here offer work at home opportunities in most Internet-related categories.

Moderating Jobs – As an online moderator, your role is to monitor social media activity, chat rooms, community forums and more. Here you will find a list of companies that recruit online moderators to work from home.

Online Tasks and Micro Jobs  In this post, you will find a list of companies that will pay you extra money to complete odd jobs and tasks. Completing small jobs for extra cash is starting to be a growing trend.

Paid Surveys – Do you enjoy giving your feedback about a product or experience you’ve had? Then you can make a little extra cash on the side taking online surveys. Here you will find a list of legitimate survey panels waiting to reward you for sharing your opinion.

Tutoring /Teaching –  As an online tutor, your role is teach students from around the world in a virtual classroom. Most companies do require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree. However there are a few companies that will  bring on people with no experience.

Transcription – In this post, you will find a list of entry level transcription jobs. This form is better known as “general transcription”. Your role is to listen to a pre-recorded file and type out the contents you hear into a word document. No prior experience is needed to get started.

Writing – Would you love to make money upfront writing or blogging on any subject or topic that you want to? Here you will find a list of non phone jobs as a  freelance writer.

Website Tester – Get paid to test and evaluate websites. Typically tests take around 15-20 minutes to complete. This is a popular non phone job, that pays around $8-$10 per website test completed.

Web Search Evaluator  Have you ever considered working from home as a web search evaluator? Are you very good at browsing the Internet? If so, you can make a very decent living making sure search engines stay relevant. Web search evaluators make sure search engines stay up to date.

Virtual Assistant – This category has a wide range of work at home jobs, mainly because, your client could need you to complete a variety of tasks, from mailing documents to calling businesses to scheduling appointments.