Moderating Jobs

A community moderator is someone who monitors Facebook posts, comments that are posted on blogs, message boards, websites, chat rooms and the like.  Moderators will settle disputes, remove posts that are offensive or those that break forum rules and also put posts into their rightful categories.  Chat rooms and community forums have been popping up all over the internet, and with their increase, the demand for community moderators is also high.  Here are some sites that hire community moderators to work from home.

Who Hires Online Moderators to Work from Home?

1. CrispThinking – To work for this company simply send your cover letter and resume to and you will be considered.  You would be hired to keep an eye on social media activity.

2. BabyCenter – They hire for full time positions.  The positions are contract based and you need to have a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science as a requirement.

3. Lithium – You will be working remotely as a community moderator on the online communities that Enterprise Companies manages for its clients.  They require previous experience.

4ICUC – You need to live in Canada and the USA to take advantage of this community moderator position.  Previous experience is not necessary and they provide training.

5. eModeration – eModeration is always on the hunt for community managers and online moderators.

6.  Yelp – Only hires from specific locations so if you want to work for them as a community manager, you will need to go to their website and on the “jobs” page click on the “community” button to see if you are in an area that they are hiring from.

7. Metaverse Mod Squad – Their Online moderators are responsible for providing the digital content, managing the message board, child safety and moderating the chat room as well.  These services are offer to the various online communities that they manage.

8. Live World– You don’t need previous experience to work for this company and they are constantly hiring community moderators.