Phoenix Power Rising Pay It Forward Team Build System

Congratulations you have been invited to participate in a pay it forward system where there is no financial outlay on your part. You will enter a 2 x 3 team filled matrix and will receive the following as levels are completed. Once you cycle you will be automatically re-entered in level 1.

Note: Everyone begins on level 1 and then they can purchase higher level positions if they wish. Entry into higher levels is a manual purchase with options available in your back office only after they have completed the first level. There are No Automatic Upgrades!

phoenix power rising

Fast Cycling 2 x 3 Matrix
100% Retention.
No Sponsoring Required To Cycle or Earn.
Big Cycling Commissions.
Pay It Forward feature available.
Pays Daily.
Welcomed Internationally.
State of the Art Software for complete Automation.
Automatic Re-entries so you will cycle over and over again.
Becoming a Phoenix Power Rising Associate is easy
  • Register for FREE!
  • Simply click on the Join Us button below and follow the simple enrollment instructions.
The Pay It Forward System…
  • Our Pay It Forward program will enable you to become an associate without any outlay on your part.


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