ViewTrakr Work From Home Video Sharing

viewtrakr_thumbnailViewTrakr is a GLOBAL, VIRAL, video sharing platform which allows you to very professionally promote or share ANYTHING, while building a viral network of people, just like you and me, “trakrs” if you will, who are doing the exact same thing working from home! The catch is… we all get PAID by being part of the Global ViewTrakr Network!
Rewards: E-Gift Choose from over 50 online shops. Or later there will be a personal debit card!
Barnes & Noble
Best Buy
CVS Pharmacy
Home Depot
Microsoft Cards and so on.. ;))

Network Views = number of clicks and your comrades throughout your structure
1000 WaweScore = 1 CybrCoin
5000 CybrCoin = 1 E-ticket
E-tiket 1 = purchase in lots of e-ashopech eg. Apple, Nike, etc.
E-tiket 1 = selection or purchase worth 26 USD

But don´t worry you will earn it much more quickly, because when I have 5 referrals under me, I will manually add another referrals under you, so register quickly and you will receive referrals for FREE from me! And you can earn per one referral 1$ monthly, but it goes deep to the 5th level! So imagine 5×5 network tree, you can earn up to 3125$ from your network tree!

How can they earn? – The system works simply on FREE MLM business plan. There is a purchasing power of companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft that are involved and advertise there. And you will earn on your daily activity .

The best strategy to earn:

Step 1: Sign Up and you will receive bonus 2000 CybrCoin
Step 2 : Bring 1 Person and you will receive 200 CybrCoin and active status
Step 3: Watch and share videos of your choice to earn CybrCoin
Step 4 : Invite friends to join your network to maximize your CybrCoin (Recommend only 5 referrals under you, because the network tree is 5x
Step 5: Earn 5,000 CybrCoin to receive your 1st E-Ticket
Step 6 : Cash in your E-Tickets at the end of each month for E-Gift Cards

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