Writing and Editing 

Freelance-Writing-Jobs-For-Beginners-300x300If you have a passion to put in writing, this may be a piece reception job that can cause you to a really smart living.You’ll be able to write articles and market them to potential customers or shoppers, otherwise you will write specifically for shoppers who contract you to put in writing for them. You will be able to write e-books to sell on amazon, you’ll be able to write for sites that do revenue sharing, or any number of opportunities out there on the web. Here are some legitimate freelance writing opportunities you can do from home.

Work from Home Freelance Writing


Copify.com  – This company hires freelance writers to work from home. There is a U.S. and UK version of this site. Pay varies with this company.

Coffeebreakforwriters.com  – Coffeebreakwriters.com publishes articles about the publish and writing industry. Pay is around $15 for a 500 word article.

Triple Curve  – This company hires writers to work from home. Pay is anywhere from $8-$15 per article. Payment is weekly for most projects.

Scripted.com  – This company hire writers to work from home. Must be a very experienced writer. Pay is around $20-$35 per article.

Developer Tutorial  – This site publishes programming and design guides so this is more for geeks. Pay is $50-$100 per tutorial and $30-$50 per article.

About.com  – This company hires writers to write content online from home and are paid a minimum based on the number of articles they create. You are compensated according to page growth.

AllVoices  – Writers are paid based on the ratings of a brand or page views. Payment is based on page reviews and are paid in $100 increments.

Squidoo  – Squidoo allows you to write articles about any topic. Your article can be about anything,any stance, or any length,. They pay by revenue sharing and allows you to also put google ads around your articles to earn extra income.

ChaCha – Cha Cha pays per awnser, which is around $3-9 per hour.

CreateSpace – Get paid to publish and sell your own books, ebooks, music, films, DVDs, and more directly on Amazon and other worldwide channels.

Hire Writers  – Get paid to write articles. Pay via Paypal.

CloudCrowd – Cloud Crowd offers micro jobs in general writing, marketing writing, and editing. You must pass a series of assessments and build a credibility score to pass.

Act Workeys  – This company is looking for people to come up with questions for workplace assessments. If you have work experience, you may be able to turn it into extra cash.

Blogmutt  – Get paid to write posts for businesses and earn $8 per post if they accept it.

Boost CTR  – Get paid to write short ads for Google AdWords, Microsoft, retailers, and other companies. Pays via Paypal every week.

Break Studios  – Get paid to write articles on topics that interest you. Pays $8 per article via Paypal twice a month.

Cloud Crowd  – Earn money completing simple tasks from home including but not limited to: data entry, writing, editing, translating.  You will need a Facebook account.

Constant Content  – Write and sell your original articles through this company. Pays monthly via Paypal or direct deposit.

Examiner.com  – This is a revenue sharing writing site. You are paid based off the popularity of your article. You can cash out once you reach the $25 threshold through Paypal.

EssayTown.com  – Essay Town is looking for writers with degrees in all academic disciplines. Full time writers earn over $40,000 per year. Flexible schedule.

Custom Papers  – Work as an independent contractor of freelance essay writer. They do require that you have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. You will need to be able to write on Social Studies, Chemistry, Women’s Studies, Law, etc.

London Brokers  – Get paid upfront to write articles on a variety of subjects. Pays every week via Paypal.

Love To Know  – Get paid to create content on a variety of topics. Pays $15 to $50 per article via Paypal.

Online Writing Jobs – Get paid $15 per article or more to subject content on a variety of topics. Pays every week via Paypal.

Pure Content– Get paid to write articles and/or edit from home. Pays monthly via Paypal or direct deposit.

Suntrader  – Looking for content writers. They want you to be original and unique. You will need to send in your writing sample(s) to be considered for an opportunity.

Words of Worth – Get paid to write content on a range of subjects. Pays monthly via Paypal or direct deposit. Accepts US, Canadian, and Australian residents.

Write.com  – Get paid to write articles online on a variety of topics or subjects. Pays per project.

Writer Access  – Get paid write content for their clients online. Pays $5 up to $100 per articles via Paypal every month.